Eliane Nevares Equestrian

December 1st 2017

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce I have been accepted to teach at the Southlands Riding Club (www.southlandsridingclub.com).  An exceptional facility, this expansion in my business will allow my students the opportunity to progress in their riding and participant in the Southlands community.  The facility includes 5 outdoor arenas, 1 covered arena, 1 indoor arena, 2 round pens, a track, cross country course, and a field to be used over the summer months.  I am excited to be bringing almost 10 new members to the Riding Club!

February 12th 1988 – August 14th 2017
Touch of Flame, “Torchy”

Cheers to my horse of a lifetime! To the fiery redhead who raised me from an awkward and lanky teenager into a young and accomplished horsewoman. Over the past 10 years Torchy has touched my life in more ways than imaginable. He not only taught me how to ride, but he helped me teach my students to ride. With his heart of gold he helped me become a patient and sensitive rider. Not always easy but always worth it in the end, I’ll always remember ripping around the grass field with questionable brakes and the biggest smile. Torch, I’m going to miss seeing you perk up and call for me when I walk down the barn aisle. You’ve deeply touched the lives of so many people and your little riders are truly going to miss you. I don’t think there’s another horse I can say I’ve loved as deeply as I love you.

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