cimg1462Touch of Flame: (February 12 1988 – August 14 2017) Torchy is a 29 year old TB gelding. Torchy has a heart of gold and takes excellent care of all his riders. In fact, Torchy is the horse that helped me start my business. I have known Torchy for about 10 years and we used to compete in the jumper ring together. He is reliable in the arena and helps his riders learn to walk, trot, and canter. Although in his younger years Torchy enjoyed jumping, he is now only ridden on the flat.



nina-rally-pic-2Nina: Nina is best suited for adult riders. Although she can be lazy, Nina helps her riders gain strength in their legs and overall position. She is a great horse to learn to walk, trot, and canter on. Nina also enjoys jumping and going to horse shows!







Normandy Beach: is a 16.3hh, 21 year old TB gelding, born and bred in Kentucky. He raced from 2-9 years old up and down the US Eastern Coast, winning over half a million dollars in purse money. Norm raced his last race on a Monday and found his new forever home two days later. Norm is a sensitive, receptive horse with a teacher’s mind. He simultaneously cares for and challenges his riders. He is a quiet, honest, heartfelt horse who is generously spending his golden years bringing new riders along.



Sir Galahad: Austin enjoys relaxing with his girl but has an engine under saddle. He’s a 9-year-old 14.1 hh welsh pony with a beautiful bay coat. He is social in the stable and very trustworthy on trails. Austin loves to compete in the ring, his ears perk up as he zips around the jump course. He’s competed outside British Columbia and will guide his new girl through competition here. Austin’s also a pony club pony, taking his girls through the levels. Austin is very comfortable in new settings and is a solid all-around pony for participating in everything from trail rides, barrel racing, eventing, and the hunter/jumpers.

Va Va Voom: Coco is 11 years old and measures in at 15 hh. She is a sweet and affectionate horse. She is always ready to go and happy to please her riders. Coco is a Thoroughbred crossed with Ponies of America. Coco can jump as high as 4′ and perks up whenever she sees the next fences. She steals the hearts of everyone wherever she goes.


Argento: Argento is a Westphalian x TB.  Standing 16.2hh and 15 years old, this gentle giant truly takes excellent care of all his riders. He has shown across both Canada and the US in both the hunter/jumper rings and dressage arena.  With exceptional movement and temperament, he’s the best school master around.  In his older years, Argento now takes care of his novice riders and helps them progress through the levels.  He’s trustworthy on the trails, bombproof at shows, and comfortable to ride and jump.




Don’t see what you’re looking for? I have access to many more horses and am happy to set up a lease as well!